After my wisdom teeth have been drawed I had two times two weeks of being at home, half the day on painkillers *_*

First I wanted to build a light for bringing my balcony plants through the winter so I decided to go through my metal and electronic trash in search for something I could use to make a full lamp out of an old industrial lampshade from the DDR (East Germany)

I found some wood for a base and an old alternator from my car which seemed suitable for being a weight and revolving stand at the same time. As arms I used solid copper cables with ~1cm diameter.

I fixed the alternator into the wooden base with epoxy and screwed the cables on top of it. The strands were scrambled bent into the alternator and a 12V DC power supply attached to two of them so that they can power the LED stripes inside the shade.

I called this one “Lichtmaschine” as this is the German word for the alternator in a car but literally it means ‘light machine’. It ended up being my desk lamp.